Sean O’Malley

Name of Person: Sean O’Malley
Date of Death: Saturday 22nd April 2023
Area: Calla, Roundstone, Galway
Notice: Sean O’Malley, a resident of Calla, Roundstone, Co. Galway has passed away on April 22nd, 2023. His family and friends mourn the loss of the kind soul and pray for his peaceful rest.

The brief notice serves as an announcement of Sean O’Malley’s death and the expression of condolence. It highlights his place of residence and the date of his passing, leaving out any additional details about his life or the circumstances surrounding his death. While brief, it captures the essence of the tradition of death notices in Ireland, which aim to pay tribute to the departed while acknowledging the pain of those left behind.

In summary, Sean O’Malley’s death notice informs readers of his passing, expresses condolences to his loved ones, and pays homage to his life. It is a profound tribute to a person who has passed and a sign of love and respect from those who remain in mourning.

Funeral Director Details
Bartley Conroy and Sons Funeral Director